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Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is Signed Into Law

President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill into law as the impressive group of Republican and Democratic Senators and Representatives who crafted and supported it looked on. The more than 36,000 members of CommonSense American are proud to have played an important role at each step in the long process.


CommonSense American Helps
End Surprise Medical Billing

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National Advisory Board

Board Chairs

George HW Bush and Bill Clinton

George H. W. Bush And Bill Clinton

Founding Chairmen

Tom Daschle

Tom Daschle

Advisory Board Co-Chair

Christine Todd Whitman

Christine Todd Whitman

Advisory Board Co-Chair

Take Action with Us

Americans from across the country and political spectrum are alarmed by the bitter divisions in our country. Just when we think our politics can’t get worse, we find a new bottom.

NICD believes the American people will be our saving grace. We are less divided than we seem and hungry for a constructive approach to politics.

Common Sense American Link

Champion common-sense policy solutions in Congress by taking 4 easy steps. With over 35,000 members and broad political support we have the ability to make real change

Engaging Differences Website

Join us on a journey to remind ourselves how to engage our differences more constructively – to see each other as human beings, not as competing political positions

Golden Rule 2020 Website

Join faith communities to call for greater dignity and respect in politics

Next Generation Website

Increase bipartisanship, collaboration, and civility in state government

NICD Research Website

Learn from scholars about their findings on political and social discourse

Divided We Fall Website

Experience other Americans grappling with bridging their divides

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CommonSense American members find solutions wise enough to attract broad, grassroots support beyond the base of one party. Our members are realizing the promise of government that is truly by and for the people.

We’ve attracted more than 35,000 members who reflect the nation both politically and geographically, drawing from all 50 states and DC:








Engaging Differences

A new online video program that reminds Americans that our commitment to engaging our differences constructively is essential to fulfilling the promise of our nation.  The segments are brief, interactive, and feature NICD’s Board members, including Katie Couric, Tom Daschle and Christine Todd Whitman.

Golden Rule 2020

Our program to engage communities of faith reaches thousands of churches across the theological and political spectrum in making the call for greater dignity and respect in our politics. Throughout 2020, a year in which Americans will select our next President, congregations will emphasize how we treat others —even those who disagree with us— as an important moral issue.

Next Generation

Next Generation increases bipartisanship in state government while inspiring future congressional leaders.  Through our Building Trust through Civil Discourse workshop created by, led by, and tailored for state legislators – we work with elected officials to promote discourse and collaboration in statehouses across the country.

NICD Research Network

NICD supports research on civility to create a body of knowledge on the history of political and social discourse in America and ways to improve it. Our staff and  community of scholars supports academics throughout the country in their research and teaching.

Divided We Fall is a docu-series that shows ordinary Americans wrestling with what it truly means to be an American, the divides that prevent it, and what we can do to bridge the gaps.